Product Details

Game Clock!

Allows players to choose to play a 6 minute, 12 minute or 18 minute game which includes 5-4-3-2-1 countdown and game winning score flashing

Free Play

Don’t want to use a game clock? Free Play allows players to just start playing and play as long as they want… or at least until 99 points!

Free Throw Contest!

Up to 4 players can compete to see who can score the most free throws against a 30 second countdown clock. Who can handle the pressure?

Play PIG or HORSE!

These classic games come to life when the players are able to keep track of their letters on the scoreboard. Fun for the whole family!

Play “11” or “21”

These two basketball games are still a player favorite. First player to 11 or 21…win by 2…of course!

Play “9”

This GameDay original game lets up to 4 players play a quick game of first player to 9 points. Fast and furious action for sure.

Score Buttons

Allows for 2 point scoring as well as 3 point scores for those 3 pointers!! Crowd cheers, hoots and horns celebrate each point!

“Hook-n-Loop” Strap

Allows for easy on and off and fits any portable basketball pole! Special note: For in-ground units with backboards of 60”, 64”, or 72” and with pole pads you may need a special longer strap. Please see “Strap Order Form” button to the right for instructions to receive your strap.

Blue LED Backlight

Lights up the score for those late night games under the stars!

Referee Button

You think you’ve been fouled? Hit the “REF” button and let the “REF” make the call… but remember… all calls are final!! A kid favorite.